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Giving Feedback - Basic Skills
This title is part of the Feedback Solutions Series
Duration: 15 minutes
AUD $495.00

How do you give feedback to another person in the workplace?

This video demonstrates how to structure the feedback you give to ensure that it is specific, balanced and timely.

This video is aimed at staff at all levels and encourages everyone to take responsibility for giving feedback to others.

Almost every employee in every job is required to give and receive feedback regarding job performance, yet few people are naturally good at this task.

Feedback is no longer just the role of the manager. Make feedback an accepted part of daily business in your organisation by making it everyone's responsibility.

Learn how to structure feedback to ensure that it is specific, balanced and timely. Learn about internal and external factors that create barriers to providing people with constructive feedback.

Key Learning Points
  • Take responsibility to provide constructive feedback to others
  • Structure your feedback so it is specific, balanced and timely
  • Recognise and overcome your barriers to providing feedback
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this program, participants will know:
  • Why everyone has a responsibility to provide feedback to others
  • How to structure the feedback they give so that it is specific, balanced and timely/li>
Package Description
DVD with PDF workbook on disc
Recommended Audiences
  • All staff
  • Managers
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  • DVD
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  • English
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 Video Recording
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  • Drama
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Seven Dimensions