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Best Practice Workplace Checklist
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 15 minutes
AUD $275.00

Leaders need to create excellent workplaces where people are satisfied and productivity is high.

Find out the top ten strategies to ensure your workplace is 'best practice'.

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Key Learning Points

1. Provide clear expectations
• Clear vision
• Clear goals
• Having deadlines
• Specific code of conduct
• Performance management system
• Update goals and expectations
• Communication expectations

2. Ensure quality environment, resources & equipment
• Making sure people have the right tools to do their job properly

3. Find right people & pay
• Wrong people won't fit with people already in the organisation

4. Give opportunity to use skills
• Skills audit - find out what skills employees have
• Match each job to people that possess those skills
• Encourage people
• Experiment to find out if people have the required skills

5. Ensure supportive working relationships
• Knowing that someone at work cares about them as a person - manager or co-worker
• Showing interest in personal life

6. Have pride & commitment
• Feeling terrific about the business your in
• Feeling passionate about the product or service you provide
• Having a community attachment - people who give feel better about themselves

7. Have their say
• Involving people in decisions
• Encouraging feedback and suggestions
• Too much consultation can become inefficient

8. Get feedback & recognition
• Giving feedback to managers
• Getting recognition from co-workers
• Best motivator is recognition of a job well done

9. Have fun
• Finding ways to have fun and enjoyment in the workplace

10. Encourage learning & development
• Promoting learning and opportunities to try things
• Learn from mistakes
• Giving the time for the process to happen

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