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An Introduction to Business Ethics
This title is part of the Take Away Training Series
Duration: 19 minutes
AUD $275.00
Find out why companies are concerned about ethics and what they are doing.
Learn how to handle an ethical dilemma if confronted with one.
Key Learning Points

What are Ethics?

  • A system that tells us what's right and what's wrong

Why are Business Ethics Important?

  • Government regulations
  • Technological change
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Become more successful
  • More efficient

Where are Business Ethics Relevant?

  • Low Level Ethical Issues
  • Breaking promises
  • Breaching confidentiality
  • Stealing supplies
  • Lying to make a sale
  • Sharing credit for jobs done

High Level Ethical Issues:

  • Paying/Accepting bribes
  • Buying from suppliers who break environmental rules
  • Not paying bills on time

Ethical Dilemmas:

    Loyalty vs Honesty

What is the Right Thing to Do?

  • Laws or organisational procedures
  • Would you be happy if your actions were open to public scrutiny . if no then probably shouldn't be doing it
  • How would my family feel if they knew what I was doing?
  • What would my hero do in this situation?
  • Does it match the values and principles you talk about?
  • Self evaluation

What if Someone Else is Doing The Wrong Thing?

  • Talk to them about it - don't accuse
  • Propose alternative action
  • Ask the person to help you
  • Report situation
  • Whistle blow - go to the press

What are Organisations Doing?

  • Code of ethics
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