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Manager and Psychologist
This title is part of the Q&A Series
Duration: 12 minutes
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A good manager needs an understanding of peoples behaviours. Not all people are the same, so the manager needs a range of strategies to manage behavior. Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry help Q&A viewers better understand and manage workplace behaviour.

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Key Learning Points

Case scenarios are analysed and advice given by the psychologists:

1. "My manager tells me to treat everyone equally. But, when I do, I get mixed responses."
• When treating people equally is wrong.
• Assessing a person's needs.
• The need for behavioural flexibility.

2. "When I train people, some get it and some don't. What am I doing wrong?"
• Understanding learning styles.
• Adult learning principles.

3. "I work for the government, so can't offer incentives such as bonuses. How can I motivate my staff?"
• Is money a motivator?
• The value of positive feedback.
• The right kind of feedback.
• The power of involvement.
• Critical feedback.

4. "My manager is hopeless. I really like the company but I'm sick of my manager. Any advice?"
• The culture of stress.
• Focusing on achievements.
• Reducing stress.
• The need for prioritising.

5. Main Points
• Not all people are the same.
• The need for a range of strategies to manage behavior.

Learning Outcomes

• Managers need to understand personalities
• Use a flexible style of leadership
• Assess what style of leadership to use
• Get to know each person in the team
• Observe how each person works
• Adapt training to different styles of learning
• Determine what motivates people
• Use specific recognition and praise
• Involve people in decisions to motivate them
• Critical feedback can motivate improvements
• Culture of stress is contagious
• Focus on language of achievements
• Use physical activity to reduce stress
• Staff and manager can determine priorities

Recommended Audiences
  • Managers
  • Trainers
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