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Delegating and Empowering
This title is part of the Q&A Series
Duration: 13 minutes
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For workplaces to function at their optimum, delegating and empowering are essential. In a very clear and concise way, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry distinguish between delegation and empowerment, and explain their workplace applications, as they answer typical questions arising from a variety of workplaces.

Key Learning Points

Case scenarios are analysed and advice given by the psychologists:

"When I delegate I get negativity from my team. Can you help?"

  • The fundamentals of delegation
  • Correct delegation; know the skills of your people
  • Overcoming resistance

"I hate my job because staff ideas are ignored. And no one delegates properly. "

  • Giving feedback to managers
  • The value of managers taking risks

"I have no trouble delegating. But I'm struggling to make it interesting and empowering. Suggestions please? "

  • Proper planning of delegated tasks
  • Delegation and skills development
  • Reward and recognition
  • Maintaining accountability as a manager 

"I have a range of team leaders who aren't delegating effectively. This is affecting output. Your suggestions would be appreciated."

  • Providing coaching and training in delegation
  • The need for different styles of delegation

"When I delegate, I worry things will be done incorrectly. How can I stop worrying? "

  • The problem of perfectionism.

Main Points

  • Develop the skills of others
  • Empowerment involves giving people some control
Learning Outcomes
  • Definition of delegation and empowerment
  • Determine what needs delegating
  • Do a skills audit of the team
  • Demonstrate empowerment
  • Disempowered staff must talk to the manager
  • Managers must take some risks
  • Build skills with challenges
  • Use reward and recognition
  • Managers are always accountable
  • Provide coaching on how to delegate
  • Use different styles of delegation flexibly
  • Know when to supervise closely
  • Empowerment - let them make decisions
  • Be clear on standards and monitoring
Recommended Audiences
  • Trainers
  • Managers
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Melbourne Australia
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Melbourne Australia
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