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Take Away Training Series
117 programs
USD $11,583.00
Take Away Training Series
Professional development topics for staff and managers.

Take Away Training features business psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry who provide useful techniques, clear advice and excellent ideas on key workplace issues. These best selling interview style programs are ideal for learning libraries, training sessions, intranets, streaming licenses and managers' own DVD resources.


Each DVD is $275, however there are discounts for purchasing multiple titles:

  • 1 titles $275 
  • 2-4 titles $220 each
  • 5-10 titles $187 each
  • 11-19 titles $165 each
  • 20-35 titles $143 each
  • 36-49 titles $132 each
  • 50-79 $110 each
  • 80+ $99 each


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10 Employability Attributes & Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn about the 5 key attributes and 5 core skills that make anyone more employable and more effective in their wor... More...
10 Essential Interviewing Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Establish facts and make quality judgements for recruitment, accident investigation or market research interviews.... More...
10 Essential Reception Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the ten top reception skills, including professional presentation, dealing with multiple demands and visitors. ... More...
10 Essentials for Successful Induction
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Ensure that new people gain the best impression of your group and their job by delivering the ten induction essentials.... More...
10 Healthy Work Habits
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Being healthy has a positive influence on energy and work performance. Psychologist Peter Quarry gives 10 practical str... More...
10 Point Checklist Before Delivering Training
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Avoid mistakes, anticipate problems and get organised so you feel confident and your session runs smoothly.... More...
10 Point Checklist for Briefing a Consultant
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Get the most out of consultants by following a simple, yet powerful briefing checklist. ... More...
10 Powerful Networking Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to become more successful with your networking by implementing ten powerful skills. Discover whether you ... More...
10 Steps to Flawless Appraisal Interviews
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Performance appraisals are one of the most unpopular managerial tasks. Psychologist Peter Quarry gives ten practical t... More...
15 Ways To Handle Today's Stress
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Different stress management techniques work for different people.Go through the range offered here and you will be ... More...
360 Degree Feedback
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how 360 degree feedback works and how you can improve with feedback from others. ... More...
5 Steps to High Self-Esteem
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn five practical ways to improve self esteem and significantly improve productivity now. ... More...
6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Thinking of changing your job? Or been applying for positions but not having any success? Then, this program ... More...
6 Ways To Boost Your Career Prospects
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Become more empowered with the development tips delivered in this program. Grab control of your ... More...
6 Ways To Build Rapport
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn useful ways for creating a bond and connection - regardless of whether you are in sales, service or any other ro... More...
6 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction
USD $275.00 Buy Now
If you are not happy in your job, it's up to you to do something about it. Learn practical and realistic ... More...
6 Ways to Manage Overload
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover what you can do to manage overload in your work and life. Identify some constructive changes to improve y... More...
6 Ways to Prevent Sloppy Work
USD $275.00 Buy Now
In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss why some staff deliver substandard work and offer p... More...
6 Ways to Resolve Conflict
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn six practical techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace and achieve effective results. ... More...
7 Key Sales Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Avoid the classic mistakes and learn the essential skills to help you succeed in sales. Ideal for face-to-face sel... More...
7 Steps to Improving Communication
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn a simple, effective seven-step blueprint that can immediately improve communication skills. ... More...
7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Stop complaining and start working on solving the problem. Learn seven specific strategies to help with even the most... More...
9 Essentials for Exit Interviews
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Exit interviews provide an excellent opportunity to uncover staff satisfaction problems and implement positive changes ... More...
Adult Learning Principles
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Are you involved in designing or delivering training and education to adults? If so, then make sure you discover ho... More...
Advanced Sales Techniques
USD $275.00 Buy Now
This program shows how to overcome six typical challenges faced by experienced sales people. A great way to encoura... More...
An Introduction to Business Ethics
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Find out why companies are concerned about ethics and what they are doing. Learn how to handle an ethical dilemma ... More...
Balancing Work & Private Life
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover helpful strategies and ideas to regain and maintain your balance. ... More...
Be Careful With Email
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Avoid legal and other dangers, and increase email professionalism. Learn the main 'email sins'. ... More...
Best Practice Workplace Checklist
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Leaders need to create excellent workplaces where people are satisfied and productivity is high. ... More...
Business Etiquette
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how business etiquette can improve your dealings in all aspects of your business. ... More...
Career Planning
USD $275.00 Buy Now
A motivating video covering the practical steps for planning career strategies. ... More...
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Assess when to use coaching to improve performance, confidence and motivation. ... More...
Common Facilitation Mistakes
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to lead group discussions, ensure productive contributions, manage group dynamics and achieve planned outcomes. ... More...
Conducting Successful Discipline Interviews
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Many managers are confused by the difference between a discipline interview and a counselling or coaching session. Psy... More...
Conducting Training Activities
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Improve training sessions using case studies and role plays to ensure quality learning. ... More...
Conflict within Teams
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn skills to identify and resolve conflict between team members. ... More...
Consulting Skills For Professionals
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Gain practical advice for internal and external consulting. ... More...
Controlling Meetings
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to control agendas, time, participation and difficult people in meetings. ... More...
Coping With Change
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover strategies and ideas to successfully cope with change. ... More...
Coping with Retrenchment
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn strategies to cope with emotional reactions and to stay motivated. ... More...
Counselling Poor Performers
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Use a six-step approach to help staff improve their standard of work. ... More...
Dealing with Abusive & Threatening Calls
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover the six skills for managing angry, abusive and threatening callers and how to end a call professionally. ... More...
Dealing with Difficult People
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Develop techniques to handle angry, abusive or uncooperative people. ... More...
Dealing with Manipulative People
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Working with manipulative people can be difficult, as they have the ability to influence you or even exploit you. Psyc... More...
Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn alternative strategies for staff motivation problems with this lively debate. ... More...
Dealing with Trauma & Distress
USD $275.00 Buy Now
This program provides an understanding of trauma and the symptoms and the impact of post-traumatic stress. ... More...
Decision Making in Groups
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the six most effective ways to make decisions. Prepare for team, task force, quality group or committee meetings... More...
Delegating & Prioritising
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn techniques for setting priorities and delegating effectively. ... More...
Designing & Delivering a Training Session
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the principles to design an enjoyable and effective training session. ... More...
Developing A Training Plan
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to plan appropriate training activities. ... More...
Developing Assertiveness Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Deal with a boss who tries to overload you or a customer who attacks you personally. Overcome shyness. ... More...
Developing Emotional Competence
USD $275.00 Buy Now
The concept of Emotional Intelligence has taken the world by storm. But what is it and how do you develop it? Get t... More...
Difficult Presentations Made Easy
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn practical ways to deal with the five most difficult situations. Suited to sales, training, change or project man... More...
Eliminating Workplace Bullying
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Develop an organisational policy that helps victims as well as those with bullying behaviour to recognise and resolve ... More...
Energy & Enthusiasm
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Gain an edge by developing high levels of energy and enthusiasm. ... More...
Essential Counselling Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the three main types of counselling skills and how to develop them to increase interpersonal effectiveness. ... More...
Evaluate Anything
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn practical techniques for evaluating programs, projects, output or attitude to achieve business success. ... More...
Facilitation Skills
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Practical suggestions for structuring meetings and leading discussions. ... More...
Getting The Most out of Training
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to take more personal responsibility for maximised learning. Motivates those about to engage in a training activ... More...
Giving Personal Feedback
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to give feedback so that it gets the results you want. ... More...
Giving Up Bad Habits
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Do you have a problem with eating, drinking, drugs or have difficulty saying 'no'? Maybe you are a procrastinator ... More...
Going for a Job Interview
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn simple strategies for making a strong impression at job interviews. ... More...
Handling Complaints
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Resolve problems and gain positive outcomes from difficult situations. ... More...
Handling the Difficult Customer
USD $275.00 Buy Now
In some workplaces people deal with really difficult customer or clients... often all day long. Psychologist Peter Quar... More...
How to Develop Your People
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Everyone needs a development plan with career goals, reviewed regularly. Psychologist Eve Ash provides some useful guide... More...
How to Make a 5 Star Impression
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to make a powerful impression anywhere, any time. Ideal for those in sales or service, trainers, presenters,... More...
How to Manage & Motivate a Sales Team
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Sales managers all need to implement the seven essential skills covered in this program to ensure the success of their... More...
How to Mentor
USD $275.00 Buy Now
In this program, Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, discuss strategies for successful mentoring. The role of a ... More...
How to Sell A New Idea
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn ten easy steps to present new ideas successfully to teams, managers, clients, media or investors. ... More...
How to Survive Email Overload
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Psychologist Eve Ash knows people are stressed, overloaded and drowning with the number of emails they receive. Eve sa... More...
Increasing Motivation At Work
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn simple, realistic techniques to deal with common motivational issues like boredom, tiredness or burnout. ... More...
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the characteristics of effective leaders and the behaviour required in today's workplaces. ... More...
Leading Group Discussions
USD $275.00 Buy Now
A popular video with practical tips on successful techniques for leading group discussions. ... More...
Learning from Mistakes
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover a simple three-step process for learning from mistakes and how to embed it into the culture of your organisat... More...
Learning to Learn
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to become motivated to develop yourself to learn more information faster. ... More...
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Find out common listening mistakes and how to really hear what people are saying. ... More...
Making Teams Work Brilliantly
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn how to set clear directions, facilitate open communication, provide sound leadership and develop cooperation. ... More...
Manage Change Successfully
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the four personal qualities to successfully manage change as well as the planning and implementation skills requ... More...
Management Mastery Checklist
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover what staff say about their managers and how you rate on an eight point checklist. Improve your rating. ... More...
Managing a Mature Age Workforce
USD $275.00 Buy Now
What is the impact of the decline of the 'baby boomers' in workplaces? Learn why companies must retain these workers. ... More...
Managing Aggression in the Workplace
USD $275.00 Buy Now
This program explores how to prevent aggression at work and how to reduce risk and/or manage it when it happens. A mus... More...
Managing Boundaries
USD $275.00 Buy Now
One very effective way of knowing how to handle conflicts (both overt and covert) at work is by understanding boundari... More...
Managing Performance
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Practical advice explaining the steps to successful performance management. ... More...
Managing Upwards
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Gain the skills for getting feedback and asking for help from your manager. ... More...
Men & Women are Different
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Despite significant changes, gender conflict remains a workplace issue. Learn what both genders can do to work togethe... More...
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the essential skills required by both mentors and proteges. ... More...
Moving into E-Learning
USD $275.00 Buy Now
E-learning is the next big application in the digital world. Find out the latest trends and why many strategies fail. ... More...
Negotiating With Suppliers
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Businesses need to negotiate more effectively with suppliers, not just on price. Psychologist Eve Ash reminds us to be... More...
Overcoming Harassment
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn simple techniques for dealing with harassment and changing the situation. ... More...
Overcoming Personal Barriers to Diversity
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Just about every organisation is interested in diversity and has introduced policies and programs that support diversi... More...
Personal Goal Setting
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn the five most common mistakes people make in setting goals and how to overcome them to achieve success. ... More...
Positive Thinking
USD $275.00 Buy Now
This video encourages everyone to be optimistic and think positively. ... More...
Preparing for your Appraisal
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Evaluate your performance to ensure you get what you want out of the interview.... More...
Problem Solving and Initiative
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn about developing initiative and becoming more productive in finding solutions. ... More...
Project Management Success Factors
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Explore five essential factors to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and to agreed specifications. ... More...
Public Speaking with Confidence
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover techniques to cope with nerves and make presentations interesting. ... More...
Reducing Absenteeism
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Understand the impact of absenteeism. Implement a policy, an education program and specific strategies to reduce it. ... More...
Regaining Control of Your Day
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Many people today feel out of control, stressed and don't know how to regain control of their day. They become fixated o... More...
Sales & Service Turn-Offs
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Identify the ten core principles of excellent service and what typically turns customers off. ... More...
Selection Techniques
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover exciting new ways to assess job applicants and select the best person. ... More...
Self Empowerment
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Empower yourself and develop assertive communication skills where needed. ... More...
Setting Agendas and Taking Minutes
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Meetings are often not productive - too many people don't need to be there, don't know why they are there, and once ther... More...
Staying Happy & Positive Throughout Life
USD $275.00 Buy Now
We all want to be happy, yet this simple goal often feels so hard to achieve. Find out if you are really happy and lea... More...
Stress Management
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Minimise stress and become more calm in stressful situations. ... More...
Successful Thinking Habits
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn eight ways to overcome blocks and achieve in work and personal life through successful thinking habits. ... More...
Supervisory Styles
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to choose the right style of supervision for the right situation. ... More...
The Art of Behavioural Interviewing
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Research shows behavioural interviewing is five times more successful in choosing the right candidate for a job, over m... More...
The Art of Questioning
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover how to be interesting, engaging and effective when asking questions. Learn various forms of questions, how be... More...
The Changing Role of Managers
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn why managers have moved from 'cop' to 'coach'. Discover the six key ways to ensure a happy and productive team. ... More...
The New Supervisor
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover the challenges and opportunities awaiting the newly appointed supervisor.... More...
The Power of Empathy
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover the benefits of empathy. Learn techniques for getting out of the 'anger trap' and dealing with emotio... More...
The Psychology of Saying Sorry
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Find out why people have such difficulty apologizing when something has gone wrong. Discover the benefits of apolog... More...
The Spirit of Service
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn behaviours that internal and external customers love, so you deliver excellent service. ... More...
Time Management
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Discover ways to solve time management problems and manage your time effectively. ... More...
Understanding & Dealing with Depression
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Depression is a growing problem affecting many people. This important program explains depression, its symptoms and ca... More...
Understanding Body Language
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to interpret non-verbal behaviour when selling, making presentations, coaching or managing conflict. ... More...
Understanding Group Dynamics
USD $275.00 Buy Now
Learn to recognise dynamics and intervene to improve productivity. For all team leaders, chairpersons and facilitators... More...
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