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Job Interview Success Series
14 programs
AUD $1,386.00
Job Interview Success Series

A practical and comprehensive library resource for schools, institutes, universities and job centres.


This dynamic new series uses a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information to help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. A must for everyone wanting to succeed at job interviews, especially young people and those who lack confidence.


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Each DVD is $187, however there are discounts for purchasing multiple titles:

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  • 2-4 titles $132 each
  • 5-10 titles $110 each
  • 11+ titles $99 each
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Cadetships - Students Face a Panel
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Cam and James are school-leavers who have been successful with their online cadetship applications, but did not expect t... More...
Café Interviews - Mistakes & Success
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Young job seekers will smile at the 12 classic mistakes made by Tasha, Kirra and Charlotte. See how they overcome their ... More...
Customer Service Role Plays
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Tasha, Dustin, Charlotte and Sally are put to the test when they are each confronted by an unexpected role play scenario... More...
Event Assistant Interviews
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Dustin, Kirra and Charlotte are three young job seekers with virtually no experience. They are interviewed for an event ... More...
Graduate Interviews
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Mat and Anna perform extremely well in their corporate interviews with a panel of two interviewers. It's a close result ... More...
Group Assessment Interview
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Five very different applicants are thrown into a group interview in an assessment centre with on the spot performance ch... More...
Job Interviews - No Surprises
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Young job seeker with no experience, unemployed or wanting a better job? Find out what to expect like question types, p... More...
Office Interview - Confidence & Persistence
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Ben demonstrates the importance of confidence and persistence. After missing the closing date for an office administra... More...
Pitching Your Business
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Learn 20 practical tips when pitching your business - with no brochures, AV or previous referral - to someone who does n... More...
Positive Mindset for Interviews
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Learn some strategies for developing a positive attitude for interviews. Use positive scripts to build confidence and ... More...
Receptionist Interviews
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Kirra, Charlotte and Rochelle lack experience, but try for the job of receptionist. They get experience in job interview... More...
Show Enthusiasm & Confidence
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
There are lots of ways you can show your enthusiasm and confidence even walking in off the street, or lacking experien... More...
Skills for Answering Questions
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Job interviews are based on a wide range of questions. Learn how to give winning responses and create an opportunity to ... More...
Success at Every Level
AUD $187.00 Buy Now
Three experienced applicants apply for different jobs in the same company - all being interviewed by one HR manager, an... More...
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Series of 14 DVDs with PDF workbook included as PDF on disk.
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