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Teenagers Guide To The Galaxy Series
15 programs
AUD $495.00
Teenagers Guide To The Galaxy Series

An outstanding Australian series to help develop communication skills.

Developed by psychologist Eve Ash.

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Assertive With Adults
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Learn to clearly and assertively negotiate with teachers, parents and other adults to achieve satisfying outcomes. ... More...
Boys, Girls And Equality
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Break down sexual stereotypes by recognising that girls and boys should have the same opportunities to achieve any goals... More...
Bullying And Teasing
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Learn the basic skills to assertively deal with bullying behaviour and teasing. ... More...
Eating Well, Feeling Good
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
A program about healthy eating and personal hygiene, which will help teenagers challenge issues about body image.... More...
Family Fireworks
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Learn to survive the common crises of family fights, marriage break-ups and domestic violence.... More...
Friendships - Making And Breaking
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Find out about the value of friendships by exploring issues of loyalty, trust and jealousy.... More...
Girls, Boys And Sex
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
A sensitive and amusing program about sexual identity, first time sex, safe sex and unplanned pregnancy.... More...
Losing Your Cool
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Why do people get angry? Learn ways to deal with your own anger and that of others ... More...
Making A Good Impression
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Equip young people with the manners and presentation skills to ensure they impress prospective employers and others. ... More...
On The Edge
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Understand and recognise the effects of stress and what you can do to overcome it.... More...
Puberty, Periods And Pimples
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Help girls and boys gain a better understanding of their body changes and how puberty affects them.... More...
Reach for the Stars
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Learn to be motivated, overcome the criticism of others and strive to reach your highest potential in life. ... More...
Risks And Wrongs
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Safe & Smart
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
A program about safety on the street at night, being threatened or even abused by someone you know and the need to speak... More...
We're All Different
AUD $55.00 Buy Now
Help young people to understand and accept diversity so they can overcome prejudice and racism around them. ... More...
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15 DVDs and Leader's guide included as PDF on disk
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  • Youth
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  • DVD
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  • English
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Video Recording
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  • Drama
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